Tax Planning – Ownership of Foreign Real Property

Investment decisions are difficult nowadays, but I am still getting inquiries from US persons about the US tax effects of owning foreign real property.   Tax efficient structuring depends on numerous factors.  While an earlier blog post discussed the general concept of what is called a "disregarded entity" and how it is used (and misused) by … Continue reading Tax Planning – Ownership of Foreign Real Property

Overview: The Disregarded Entity & Check-the-Box

What Is a Disregarded Entity? How is it Used in US Tax Planning? Certain business entities can be treated as “nonexistent” for federal income tax purposes.  That is, from a US tax perspective, they are simply “disregarded” and the entity is ignored by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).   For other purposes, the entity is not disregarded, … Continue reading Overview: The Disregarded Entity & Check-the-Box