Virginia La Torre Jeker, J.D. — It’s an unpredictable world. Virginia is the expert to turn to when it comes to US tax matters affecting international clients.  Many US persons face US tax issues simply because they live abroad, purchase foreign assets or have a non-US spouse. Proper tax planning is critical.

In addition, foreign persons with US connections are often impacted by US tax issues. Non-US persons having a connection to the USA in any way, shape or form need to understand the US tax implications.  Even breathing too much American air, can cause a US tax problem!  I say this facetiously, but the tax issue is real if the person has been in the US for too long and unwittingly becomes a US tax “resident”.  US tax issues can arise for the foreigner in a myriad of ways – if a foreigner makes a gift or bequest to a US person, marries a US person, studies in the US, purchases a US asset, makes a loan to a US person, obtains or gives up a green card, and the list goes on.  Don’t get caught out!

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All the tax information you need is readily available in Virginia’s Tax Primer for US Expats and Foreigners.  This free Primer covers numerous topics that are most relevant to expats and foreign nationals having any US connection.