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This blog is relatively new having started in June 2018.  I am currently migrating posts from an earlier US tax blog “Let’s Talk About US Tax” hosted by AngloInfo since 2011. All of the posts should still be available from the AngloInfo site. If for some reason you cannot access them, and if you are familiar with my former blog and are looking for a specific older article that has not yet been posted here, email me and I can try to send it to you.

If you have the URL to an old post from the former blog, you can most likely retrieve that post by using the “Wayback Machine“.  Simply paste the URL of the old post into the search box. It will show you the archived post was saved on a specific date. Simply click on that date to retrieve.

Accidental Americans

Americans Overseas

Community Property (International) and US Tax Issues

Corporate Tax

COVID-19 and US Tax Issues

Doing Business in USA or with US Persons




Foreign Corporations

Foreign Earned Income and Housing Exclusions

Foreign Gifts or Bequests Foreign Trusts and Estates

Foreign Persons Moving to the USA

Foreigners Moving to the USA

Form 5471 and Form 5472

Form 8938

Form W-8 Series (W-8BEN etc.)

Gift & Estate Taxes

GILTI (Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income)

Green Card Holders

Non-US Spouse

NRAs Nonresident Aliens

Offshore Accounts

Offshore Voluntary Disclosure

Other Tax Categories

Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC)

Passport Revocation (Tax Debt)

Pensions and Deferred Compensation (Foreign Plans) 

Personal Income Tax

Property Investment

Reporting Rules

Sharia and US Tax Issues

Social Security and Self Employment Tax

Streamlined Filing Procedure

Transition Tax / Deemed Repatriation Tax


Virtual Currency Blockchain Digital Assets

Withholding Tax