US Tax Talk: Blog Overview

United States tax matters are very complex and can present challenges even to seasoned tax professionals. Complying with the US tax laws can be especially daunting for individuals and businesses when they have interests around the globe.

Many US persons have specific US tax issues because they live abroad, purchase property overseas, or because they are married to a non-US spouse. In any such instance, proper advance tax planning is critical.

Although they may not be aware, foreign persons with US connections are often impacted by US tax issues. Many non-US persons have a connection to the USA in some way. For example, they may make a gift or bequest to a US person; a family member may be married to a US person; perhaps a family member has been studying in the US and decides to remain there or to get a green card. Other connections can exist such as the foreigner’s desire to purchase US real property as an investment or a vacation home; or a desire to invest in the US securities market; maybe the family business is beginning to tap the US market. In any such instance, US tax issues must be considered and planned for by a specialist such as Virginia, who has a deep understanding and knowledge of the tax laws.

With the advent of the “Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act” (FATCA) US persons, including “Accidental Americans” living abroad have been recently learning of their tax filing duties.  In today’s FATCA world, tax obligations must now be addressed head on, with no margin for delay. Decisions must be made whether to retain US citizenship or a US green card. Proper tax counsel is very important in considering these critical matters.

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Prior to creating this website, Virginia had been blogging for AngloInfo about US international tax matters since 2011. All of Virginia’s old posts can be easily accessed there. Have a look! Let’s Talk About: US Tax

Most of the earlier posts from “Let’s Talk About US Tax” have been moved to this website, but all of the posts should currently still be available on the AngloInfo site. If for some reason you cannot access them, and if you are familiar with my former blog and are looking for a specific older article that has not yet been posted here, email me and I can try to send it to you.  If you have the URL to an old post from the former blog, you can most likely retrieve that post by using the “Wayback Machine“.  Simply paste the URL of the old post into the search box. It will show you the archived post was saved on a specific date. Simply click on that date to retrieve.